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Well! It has been a while!


It has been, well let's see... five months and one day since I last posted. OOF. To be honest, I haven't really had anything to post... and I still don't, lol. But I'm still working on making the site look and work better, so expect some changes over the next few weeks or so. Don't be surprised if you reload the page and something entirely new comes up, because that just means I'm editing the site. Since I'm not using a "drag-and-drop, super duper easy to use" editor like Wordpress or Wix, at the end of the day I'm just a kid who's copying and pasting a lot of code. I don't think I have that many viewers so I'm not worried... But if I do, hang tight in there; I haven't forgotten about this, or my YouTube channel. Content is in the works, and I'll try to get it out there. For those of you that have stuck by, thank you! Also, if you want to get notifications, subscribe to my website so you don't have to check.

Raw Photoshoot Challenge!


Happy new year! Today I created a challenge called the Raw Photoshoot challenge, which is where you do a photoshoot without looking at the picture's end result. However, you can edit afterward and delete whichever pics you don't want. Here's mine!

Do you like 'em? They're also in the "DOLL STUFF" section of the site.

Fiji's "Birthday"


I took a trip down to AG Miami along with Fiji and she got her hair done! I've decided that this means that she had her "birthday", and changed her age from 14 to 15. Here's the before picture:

And here's the after photos!

Has your doll ever gotten a style from the AG salon? If so, which? Comment down below, and have a marvelous holiday! - Turquiose!

When You're Not Watching - One


Yesterday, I came up with the genius idea to stopmotion a (supposedly) non-aminate object so it looked like it moved whenever people weren't around. I did this one of Brook running through the kitchen. Do you like it? Why or why not? Comment down below.

Thanks for reading! -Turquoise

Why Wings of Fire is THE Best Child/Young Adult Series Yet


Move over, Harry Potter. Wings of Fire will give you a run for your money. Caution to new readers, this contains spoilers through book 12. Sorry! Anyways, the series (in my opinion) seems to have scenarios that are tied in with real life. For example, the Rainwings kidnapping could very well symbolize product testing on animals.
And the Outclaws is possibly a refrence to the Black Panthers.
Of course, in the third series of Wings of Fire, where SilkWings seem to be practically slaves, it really made me thing of how Great Britain was kidnapping Africans and selling them in slavery.
All conspirous theories aside, the plots seem to be very well created, and there seem to be hardly any loose ends.
What's your opinion? Comment down below!
Thanks for reading! -Turquoise



I've just added comments... Let's see if they work.

Blair Wilson - GOTY 2019 or 80s BeForever?


First of all, sorry for not posting in what seems like an eternity, I've been procastinating coding a new page so it loads faster... I still haven't done it. Anyways, let's get to the point! There's been talk and rumors about Blaire Wilson being GOTY 2019, along with an 80s Beforever. Personally, I believe that Blaire is an 80s Beforever. First of all, Blaire was a character on an 80s sitcom called the facts of life. Second of all, as already stated on AGDN, the target-parent ages are changing. What do you think?

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