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Chapter One
Someone at the door

It was August 17th, and I was watching TV on my family's deluxe living room sofa. It was the perfect movie night; the dark sky was lit with tiny white stars and the house heater made me feel nice and warm. I reached for the remote and selected one of my favorite sci-fi movies. As the neon green logo for the film company slowly started to appear on the screen, my fingers snapped and the lights dimmed. Ah, my secret world of STEM, I thought happily, smiling. STEM was my secret getaway from the world, giving me superpowers that others could only imagine. I could rewire and solder an overhead light so it automatically turned on when someone triggered the motion sensor by walking in the room. I could use everyday household objects to make a small RC car. I could even grow a plant using a microcontroller to automatically monitor the water, heat, and soil levels. Movie-watching pleasantries was barely scratching the surface of my secret hobby.

Somewhere in the middle of the movie, my stomach started to feel hollow. Oh, come on, I thought, groaning. Can't I wait just a little while to eat? As if to answer, my stomach groaned oh so rambunctiously.

I reluctantly stood up and frowned. "Pause," I whispered softly. On cue, the screen froze, right when a gold-eyed alien was striking blue and white robot. Humming softly, I walked into the kitchen. My hand reached into the pantry, removed a bag of popcorn, and placed it in the microwave.

Pop, pop, pop!

The corn kernels in the microwave popped and crackled, making me feel even hungrier. To keep my mind on something else for the time being, I looked around the room for something to amuse me. The deep crimson walls were bare, except for a rustic-looking fruit bowl painting. There were two parts to the counter, one sitting on the perimeter and the other an island in the center. Everything was clean, thanks to my chores I had done earlier that day. Nothing interesting here!


"Popcorn's done, finally!" I said aloud, glad that I could finally satisfy my hunger. I reached into the microwave and retrieved the warm bag. I reached to one of the kernels on the top, ready to eat it. My mouth watered and I grabbed a handful when--Ding, dong-- the doorbell rang.

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